About Us

ANDERSON BELL & ASSOCIATES is a group of experienced, dedicated, auditing professionals headquartered in Sheridan, WYOMING with many branches offices in various States. If you've received a phone call, email or text message from us, it's because we've found money being held by government agencies that may be rightfully yours.

We know the "ins and outs" of government agencies in practically all 50 States. If a government agency is holding money that you have a right to claim, we know how to get them! By law, after a certain period of time elapses, the government may get to keep your money, it's always best to have professionals on your side.

Our Mission
If a claim for your entitled money isn't made in time, because these funds are held for only a brief period of time, after which the agency responsible for them may be permitted to seize them through a process called "escheatment", meaning you can no longer claim them. It's your money, and the government shouldn't be able to keep it from you. Our mission is to ensure that this never, ever happens. We audit government files and documents for these unclaimed monies, and when we find them, we make it our personal mission to reunite them with their rightful owner.

Our Vision
We strongly believe private citizens losing their entitled money to faceless government agencies (a system rooted in feudal 16th century England) is completely unfair and we are determined to prevent this from happening to anyone, especially you. In this economy, everyone's got a use for extra money. Let's make sure the government doesn't end up with it!

What We Do

The Audit
ANDERSON BELL & ASSOCIATES audits many Federal & Local government agencies across the 50 States to locate unclaimed sums of money owed to private individuals and businesses. If these funds go unclaimed for too long, they become forfeited to the government agency holding them.

Contact Us
If you've received a phone call, email or text message from us, we have located unclaimed funds that we believe belong to you or a relative. Please contact us immediately at (800) 830-5845 to start researching the claim.

Required Paperwork
Once you have spoken to one of our Specialists and verbally agreed to let us work your claim, we will set up a time for you to meet with our local representative in your area to sign a few pages of paperwork authorizing us to start processing your claim.

Our firm works on a contingency basis - meaning there are NO OUT-OF-POCKET expenses to you. We are compensated, according to the Contingency Fee Agreement (CFA), ONLY upon successful collection of your claim. We cover ALL expenses related to the filing, processing, and defending your claim until it is paid, and if the claim is unsuccessful, you owe us nothing.

After completing the signing of the paperwork, our local representative (an attorney or notary) will overnight it back to our office for immediate processing.

Claims are usually processed within 1 to 3 months depending on the complexity of the claim. Your share of the claim, based on the Contingency Fee Agreement (CFA), is remitted to you within 15 days of the claim being disbursed by the U.S government agency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We audit different government agencies on a regular basis for unclaimed funds due to individuals like yourself and businesses as well.

We usually locate the potential claimant, you, by performaing complex, intensive Internet searches, engaging skip-tracing techniques or employing experienced private investigators.

Once you have signed our Contingency Fee Agreement (CFA), we'll be authorized to gather additional information and be happy to disclose the actual amount of unclaimed funds and the U.S government agency holding it.

The U.S government agencies we audit typically DO NOT post reports about these unclaimed funds online. You are welcome to search state unclaimed funds websites, but if you find funds there, these are not the funds we're informing you about.

Most of the unclaimed funds (monies) we locate aren't available by searching the Internet, and it's unlikely, without the aid of a company like ANDERSON BELL, that you'll be notified of their existence by the government agency holding them.

Please contact our experienced Specialists at (800) 830-5845